What we can do for you...

We at 4PuppetPeople know that the joy, power, and magic of puppets can transform your work into an unforgettable experience for your audience. Whatever you are preparing, our multi-disciplinary methods will work to your every advantage.

Design & Fabrication

Custom Designs.

Quality Construction.

Endless Possibilities.


Our Puppet Standards - Storytelling comes first, function must be effective yet comfortable, and design should definitely be beautiful, but also surprising.


Whether it's that perfect puppet for your film, or a full show set for your next musical, we can make sure you find an affordable option. 

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Performers & Directors

Within this small community we provide a wide reaching network of experienced performers and directors.


Let us know the type of puppetry involved and we'll find the perfect match for your performance needs.

Consults & Coaching

Adding puppetry elements into your next project? Our team of designers will find all of the creative opportunities for puppetry in your piece.


Just need some coaching? We will help you bring out the best performance in all of your puppeteers.