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4PuppetPeople is a NYC based children’s entertainment company focused on guiding social development through the art of puppetry.

Who are we?

Worldwide performer Kirk Bixby and resident technician Laura Krouch spent the early years of their careers scouring the arts for every experience they could muster. Now, with an ever-growing team of versatile artists, 4PuppetPeople has one unified goal in mind - to elevate children's media and storytelling.

What makes us different?

“The process by which the inanimate becomes animate seems to the audience to be a real miracle.” 

~Sergei Obraztsov

We've done it all and we expect more.

Our company members have been professionals in all aspects of production throughout their careers. Whether on stage or film set, we rely on the versatility of our team to bring fresh ideas to every step of a project. We use this diverse set of tools to create honest yet entertaining stories, creative learning, and memorable characters. In addition, we are committed to the creation of children's media that is focused on social/emotional development and critical thinking without under-estimating you or your children. 

Meet The Team

Kirk Bixby

Artistic Director
Executive Producer

Laura Krouch

General Manager
Technical Director


Addison Calvin


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