4PuppetPeople is a NYC based children’s entertainment company focusing on the art of puppetry. We strive to create high quality educational media through collaboration, a multi-disciplinary approach, and exceptional artistry. 

Who are we?

Worldwide performer Kirk Bixby and renaissance technician Laura Krouch spent the early years of their careers scouring the arts for every experience they could muster. Joining forces, 4PuppetPeople was founded with a unified goal in mind - to promote the beauty and versatility of puppetry.

What makes us different?

“The process by which the inanimate becomes animate seems to the audience to be a real miracle.” 

~Sergei Obraztsov

We've done it all and we expect more.

We rely on professionals who are both performers and technicians to give us critical insight from all angles. This means that from the start of each project every single puppet, script, or direction is crafted with the full scope of your vision in mind. This way, the only surprises we encounter are good ones! We use this diverse set of tools to create honest yet entertaining stories, creative movement, stunning visuals, and puppets that combine both character and function. 

Meet The Team

Kirk Bixby


Artistic Producer

Laura Krouch


General Manager

Additional Creatives


Addison Calvin

Elizabeth Dapo 



Camera Operator